Pioneers in digital music since 2002

What We Do

Music and Video Services

Global content distribution
Metadata and content preparation
Audio encoding and preparation
Quality assurance
Copyright compliance
Identity management
Identifier registration and allocation (ISNI, ISRC, ISWC, GRiD, GTIN)
Public performance and broadcast rights representation
YouTube monetisation

Platform Services

  • Integrations
  • Application development and hosting
  • APIs

The OpenIMP platform offers a powerful and extensible framework for application development, and a ready made community of users and catalogue owners.

Knowledge and Research

  • Research
  • Data
  • Events
  • Training

We combine deep knowledge of the music industry with the highest quality data and research techniques, and help equip the music community to address its myriad and rapidly evolving challenges.

Representation and Consultancy

  • DDEX
  • RDX

We are proactive in representing the independent sector in the development of industry standards. We provide consultancy and advisory support to standards bodies and many others.


  • AIM, A2IM, Wintel
  • The state51 Music Group
  • Conferences and events
  • Sponsorships

We are totally committed to our community - a community dedicated to independence, and driven by exploration and excellence.

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Pioneers in digital music since 2002

From the very start of the digital music industry, we have worked tirelessly with our partners to navigate its complexities. But, as complicated as it has become to address a world of global distribution, real-time marketing, always-on audiences and big data, this is just the beginning. Our industry is facing a considerable increase in complexity.

With globalisation we will see more music flowing across more borders every year for the next decade at least. Each market brings its own complex set of issues around rights, censorship, and marketing.

Advances in computing don’t just affect how tracks get on playlists; they are starting to affect how the tracks get generated in the first place, competing directly with humans.

Successful music companies are going to need new skills managing releases and relationships across time-zones and in many languages to stay ahead over the next decade.

We are working with our partners - the music companies, music services, and the technical community - to overcome these new challenges. And we're doing it our way - with independence, strong opinions, and the expertise and data to back them up.

Our community is special; totally dedicated to independence, and driven by exploration and excellence. We invite you to join us.

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