Experts and innovators in digital music

Empowering independence

Connecting the best music to more opportunities than any other platform

Your money

You retain all of your rights in your sound recordings, so 100% of revenues from sales or streams comes straight to you. We don’t touch it and we don’t take a cut.

Your relationships

You know your releases better than anyone. CI enables you to concentrate on marketing them in direct contact with music services.

Our technology

CI’s reliable, secure system takes care of the tricky digital supply chain, letting you concentrate on growing your business.

What we do for

Labels and distributors

Storage and management of your digital music files, artwork and metadata
Innovative automated Quality Assurance checks to ensure files and metadata meet and exceed industry quality standards
Delivery to over 180 digital music services, at no additional cost
Proactive introductions to services and other potential partners

Digital music services

Managed content ingestion from the independent sector, as a single delivery feed for all independent content if required
Operational consulting to help ensure an efficient and effective content ingestion system on the service side


Our expert support team will help and guide you

We are a team of people with a passion for music and a talent for technology, helping the CI community use our system in the best way for you to get your products out to the digital music market in perfect condition.

We work with the best labels, distributors and music services

CI works with the biggest names in the independent music sector, from small labels to huge aggregators. They trust us to get their releases where they need to be, on time and with superb quality data. Music services trust us to provide high quality, consistent deliveries. Here are just a few of the great companies we work with…

About CI

Since 2003, CI has been delivering digital music for the independent sector, from labels, distributors and aggregators to download and streaming services. We help the indies deliver content to at least the same technical standard as the majors, helping to level the digital playing field for independents.

Our HQ

8-10 Rhoda Street
E2 7EF

+44 207 729 8493